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Sunday Worship

This important Service begins at 10 am on Sundays..

Join Embassy of Heaven EMPIRE for an intimate Worship experience followed by powerfu…

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Embassy of Heaven EMPIRE through HDL Bible Institute aims to train called men and women for Ministry. unlike other schools, colleges and so on, Highe…

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HDL BIBLE INSTITUTE offers the following Programs:

  1. Missionary Training
  2. Evangelistic Program
  3. Pastoral care & Counselling
  4. School of Prophets
  5. Various min…
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Embassy of Heaven EMPIRE offers various accredited IOS Training Programs..

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Bishop Koopman has authored 3 books and is available on Amazon or directly from his office.

  1. Crooked Line
  2. Seasons without the (d) evil
  3. The Ripped Veil


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Jesus  is  our  only  HopeJesus is the only hope for humanity. We believe that as God’s Son Jesus stepped into this broken world …

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Embassy of Heaven EMPIRE invites you to Cross over into 2020 with us and invite the God of Destiny into your destiny.

More information will be published soon....

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Revive Us, oh Lord

Strange fire carried by strangers are on foreign altars in the House of God. However, Revival is coming and soon the true fire of t…

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Embassy of Heaven EMPIRE is a latter day Ministry aiming to fulfil the prayer of Jesus which in part is a cry for the coming of God's Kingdom on Earth.

We believe that as Embassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven, it is important to reach out and share the love of God to the needy in practical ways. we a…

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Bishop Raphael Sam Koopman

Archbishop elect

Bishop  Sam  Koopman,  a  pastor's  son  accepted Christ  as  Saviour  at  the  age  of &…

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